Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dasheen or cassava chips

Dasheen is like a starchy potato. It is a provision vegetable in the Caribbean. In other places they call this root taro.

You can fry them roast them bake them and mash them. You can even make them into bread.

I am making fried chips.

What do you need to get this done

Large dasheen

I used a slicer but a mandolin will work. Good fresh dasheen is tough to cut.
Peel off the tough outside skin.
Slice them thin like you would for potato chips.
Get the oil hot in a good high pot.
Don't overload the pot.
Fry in small batches.
Dry on paper sprinkle with salt
Eat with dip or plain

If you make them thicker you can use them like a cracker.

Dasheen is a root vegetable.

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