Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Super Salad

I dont care for veggies so when I make them they have to be easy to eat and tasty. I hate salads where you have to fight big chunks of lettuce and veg.
I like using a mandoline to shred veg. as it makes nice fine shreds of a variety of things that mix well into the salad. It is a serious machine so use with care.

Really good salad super easy.
Variety of colorful lettuce
Cabbage green or red
Zuchinni is good too shredded

Chop lettuce and radicchio like you would for Cesar salad  so the pieces are bite size
Use a mandoline to shred carrots beets and cabbage
Mix all and sprinkle sald with sprouts

Add dressing
My current favorite is blue cheese
Chunk of blue cheese
Sour cream or yogurt or cream
S and p

Half and half for the cream and mayo
Vinegar to taste
Crumble half the chunk of blue cheese and add to mix
Blend with hand mixer or blender
Add more of the liguid depending on how thick you like it
Put in fridge for a bit
Pour on salad then sprinkle on remaining blue cheese crumbles
Add croutons or nuts or bacon

The smaller the grates of carrot, cabbage and beet the better they blend with the lettuce
I don't like tomato in salad. I like to be able to get a fork full of everything and not have a big chunk of something else in the mix. Besides tomato takes over the salad.
If you use oil and vinegar you can put shredded cheese on salad but with the blue cheese there is already enough
Bacon bits are nice too or prosciutto or jambon shreds fried crisp
Walnuts or pine nuts are nice in this salad


  1. Lovely recipe Jo - you like all the things I like, I like a salad chopped fine, then I start adding, onion, avocado, beets, black olives, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg. I put the dressing on the bottom of the bowl, then stir it all when I get to work, I top with blue cheese or goat cheese crumbles. Love it, unfortunately, it is nearly time to start my homemade soup! :-)

  2. Sorry I missed this Ellen they go in a social folder. Guess I should start looking. Good ideas...5 hanks!