Friday, 17 August 2012

Really Good Meat Loaf

this is great for cheap cuts of meat, choose less fat meats or cut off fat and feed it to the dogs. Or leave it in for nicer gravy. If you grind your own meat, you know what you are getting.

Half and half beef and pork or lamb or chicken or combo ground in Kitchen Aid meat grinder
also grind pack of mushrooms and tomatoes and garlic into the mix, just stick them in the grinder.
Add to this mix
bread crumbs, seasoned works great or if you have bread, cut it up, toast it in toaster oven and add that instead.
s and p
eggs as binder
grated cheese is also nice
chopped half large onion
mix it up evenly and form into loaves and place in loaf pan
cover with bacon strips
and ketchup
bake till done
remove from loaf pan and use juice to make gravy
put flour and butter in skillet
stir till paste
put juice in skillet
that is gravy but you can add gravy color

Make or buy mashed potatoes. Heat them up.
put a blob of mashed on the plate
place cooked hot meat loaf slice on the top
pour gravy over stack
add green peas to place

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