Friday, 10 August 2012

Cheap Pork Scalopini

We get some cheap pork cuts in Proctors and Best Buy at the moment. They are unidentifiable as far as the cut of meat but since this recipe calls for pounded meat, it doesn't really matter.

Recipe Items:
Pork chunks
olive oil
bread crumbs
S and P
lemon or lime juice
white wine

Slice the pork into thin as you can get slices and pound them thin
use a plastic bag, put flour and seasoning in bag and dump in the pork slices
seal bag and bounce it around to coat all the pork

beat up the egg in a flat bowl
put bread crumbs in another flat bowl and line them up on the counter
heat oil in big fry pan
take coated pork and dip in egg, then in bread crumbs
place in fry pan
do all
flip pork in fry pan when brown on one side
when done, press on pork, should be firm
remove pork and keep fry pan hot
add wine

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