Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Jo-Anne's Favourite Breakfast Bread

breakfast bread best toasted
1000 g flour split white and multigrain
500 g assorted liquid
milk, buttermilk, banana, water, cream etc.
25 g salt
5 g yeast
sugar depending on how sweet you need the bread
100 g butter or fat
raisins or dried fruit

measure liquid into mixer bowl
add flour
and other dry ingredients
after coming together add fat a little at a time
increase mixer speed
mix till fat incorporated
add nuts and fruit

remove and let rise in plastic bin for 45 minutes
push down
rise another 45 minutes
put in fridge till ready to use
remove and turn bin over on counter to allow dough to fall out
press dough down gently and shape into a square
sprinkle dough with a mix of sugar and cinnamon
cut dough in half
roll each half and place dough in oil sprayed bread pan
let rise for half hour
convection oven turn on to 400
let heat for 15 minutes
put bread in oven
bake for 15 minutes
turn bread so back is front and switch loaves to opposite side
bake another 15 minutes at 350
check for done
if done, turn off oven and open door slightly to let moisture escape.
when oven cool remove loaves and take out of pan
they should fall out
let them cool on a rack
freeze till needed.
Best served toasted.

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