Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Goat Water

I found organic mutton and lamb at Proctors so I made the goat water with that.

Goat water Montserrat style

Frozen cubes of mutton or goat 2 packs it has bones
enough water to cover the frozen cubes in a pot
put on stove and cook on high until the meat thaws and starts to cook and cook for a while
add more water if needed
keep pot open
skim off foam my organic lamb did not have foam. I think that is good

3 large cloves of garlic that have been mashed up
chop half large onion
chop 3 potatoes or you could use tania
chop 3 carrots
fresh thyme
a little hot pepper
pepper and salt

covered until the lamb is soft.
everything will be soft at this point

half cup bisto or flour with half cup cold water mixed in

at this point turn it off and let it sit on the stove until ready to eat.
then reheat and eat.
very good with garlic bread

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